The company Konport has existed on the Polish market since 1980. We work with the best world producers of self-adhesive materials. We are the official distributor of 3M and Saint-Gobain.

Until now, we offered only cutting of adhesive tape from wide rolls into narrower – according to customer requirements.

With the beginning of 2016 we increased our machine stock with the following devices, used for precision cutting of any shapes from adhesive tapes, adhesive films and many other materials, according to customers’ needs. Such devices allow the cutting of any workpieces cut through (Die-Cut), or merely cut (Kiss-Cut), sheeting, laminating, etc.

In combination with other devices (press with the operating area of 600 x 300mm and sliter for cutting of tape rings) and a very broad portfolio of products, we are able to create even the most personalized product, consisting of multiple layers of materials, and properly finished, in order to make the production process in your company as simple as possible. Thanks to the plotter for adhesive tapes, we are also able to perform test series that do not require investment in shearing tools.

In addition, thanks to the cooperation with 3M, in justified cases, we are able to create a completely new tape that corresponds to your every need, not available anywhere else.